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Picture Frame Glass, Photo Frame Glass, Glass Picture Frame, Glass Photo Frame

Picture Frame Glass, Photo Frame Glass, Glass Picture Frame, Glass Photo Frame
  • Product Name: Picture Frame Glass, Photo Frame Glass, Glass Picture Frame, Glass Photo Frame
  • Post Date: 2016/7/27
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Detailed Specifications Photo Frame Glass Include clear sheet glass, clear float glass, non-glare glass, anti-reflective glass etc. Thickness: 1.5mm, 1.8mm, 2mm, 2.2mm etc. Sizes: 1220x912mm, 1524x2134mm, 1830x1220mm etc. Cutted sizes are also available. FEATURES: 1. High strength 2. Smooth surface 3. Stable chemical stability 4. Excellent optical performance Sheet glass is the same as the Glaverbel glass, it is also named pull from the deep pool, it is improved by Belgian from the pull from the shallow pool. The material of the glass melt In the furnace and it becomes glass fluid and then the glass fluid after clarifying and cooling down, it is pulled up by the lift rollers to the molding pool, with the turn of the Colburn process, it can be controlled and then come into the annealing. After cooling down by the annealing, the glass will come to the conveyors rollers to the cold end, where we do the work of cut and packing. The surface of the glass is smooth and flat. It is mainly applied in the field of construction and decoration such as photos frame and door & windows. As the technology more and more mature, the glass is not only excellent product and cheaper price, but also durable in use. The sheet glass has great market competition advantages. Thickness and the Normal Size as follows: 1.5mm 1016mmx914mm, 914mmx1220mm 1.8mm 1000mmx1200mm, 610mmx914mm, 600mmx900mm 2.0mm 1016mmx1220mm, 600mmx900mm, 610mmx914mm 2.7mm 1800mmx2400mm, 1830mmx2400mm All of above size could be in whole sheet or cut to small sizes. And we can produce sizes as per your requirement. And the sheet glass can be applied to the field of electrics equipment, building decorations, optical instruments, many kinds of mirrors, and photo frame.
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